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Reasons to Take a Vacation to the Beach in summer

Reasons to Take a Vacation to the Beach in summer

The word summer itself makes you feel excited. It makes you feel like losing your clothes and basking under the warmth of the sun. There is no better place to do this than on a beach. The beach has stand the test of time and from one generation to the next, they still find it being a good place to relax and enjoy themselves. Here are a reasons why you should consider holiday at the beach this summer.

Friendly weather

All if not most coastal regions have a warm climatic weather which is conducive for vacations. No one wants to be indoors wearing heavy cardigans with a mug of hot tea trying to keep warm while they should be out there having fun during holidays.


Connect with the sun

No place gives you a good opportunity to bond with the sun other than the beach. There is no feeling as good as sprawling under the sun as you let its warmth caress and warm up your body.


Embrace nature

Watching water waves move rhythmically to and from the shore is a wonderful experience that you can’t get by the pool and is only present at the coastline. The sound of water splash at the shore itself is relaxing and enjoyable.

Get healed

The best medicine on earth is natural medication since it has no side effects. It has been proven that taking a swim in the ocean will help heal sores and cold. Why take medicine made out of chemicals if you can just take a swim and get healed?

Refresh you self

Taking a swim in the ocean is fun and enjoyable experience as water splashes against your body or being swayed by water waves is very relaxing. Unlike the chlorinated pool water, ocean water is purely natural and has healing effect as mentioned earlier.

Vacation by the beach is cheaper.

There are a lot of public beaches where you can access free of charge. Why pay for a swim at the the pool when you can swim for free? After all who said you have to spend lots of money on vacation?

Variety of activities

Going for beach holiday has lots of activities you can participate in. You can take a swim, play games by the shore, surf, go for scuba diving, visit marine parks etc. This is to mention but a few.


Amazing water cuisine

If you are up to travel for your vacation, try visit the coastal hotels and spend a few nights. The water has lots of delicacy to offer with different variety of fish. From one coastal region to another, these fish are prepared differently as per the traditions of the locals. Vacation is not all about visiting a particular place but also letting your tongue taste something different yet tasty.


The beach is an interesting and rejuvenating place to go and relax. It has a lot to offer and a lot of advantages attached to it. The next time you are planning to go for holiday be rest assured the beach will not disappoint you and you will have a memorable time ,worth telling a story about. Email us at info@maralentadventures.co.ke and make your reservations to the coolest beaches in Kenya.


Valentine’s at the Maasai Mara

Valentine’s at the Maasai Mara

For only Ksh 9, 500 per person sharing, you get to experience this luxurious and romantic get aways trip to the Maasai Mara for the Valentines. This is inclusive of transport, accommodation and game drives. Email us on info@maralentadventures.co.ke or check us out on http://maralentadventures.co.ke/