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Enjoy an epic valentine’s at Naivasha Sawela


Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s Special





We will strive to make your Valentine’s special. All you need to do is to book a valentine’s trip with us at Maralent’ Adventures or email us at info@maralentadventures.co.ke

Importance of taking vacation

Importance of taking vacation

After all the hustle you go through on a daily basis in order to make money, it is appropriate to take some rest to rejuvenate yourself. Weekends is not enough time to refresh your mind, body and soul. You need to go on vacations once in a while to revive your energy and relax. Below are reasons why you should include vacations in your yearly calendar plan.

Increase your life span. 

Research by the State University of New York has proven that people who go on yearly vacations reduce their chance of death by 20%. You therefore gain more years alive just by going out to relax; what a benefit!

Be happy

People who take time off from work tend to be happier.  This is because by going out and visiting different places and getting new experiences you tend to reduce your stress levels. Don’t release your stress on your wife, employees, children etc. Just take a break and relax.

Get inspired

With vacation comes new experiences and meeting different people from which you can draw ideas from. It also relaxes your mind to think broadly and deeply. Your office may be too monotonous for you to think straight. Go out there and formulate new concepts as you have fun and relax.

Give your brain a break

Just as your body needs to rest so does your brain. The best way to give your brain recess is by travelling and exploring new places. Your brain will tend to function better after a nice vacation. Try it and watch yourself perform better in your daily activities.

Explore the world

There are a lot of beautiful, animals, plants and places out there, take the initiative to travel and appreciate what different places have to offer. These things are here for us to enjoy, if you don’t who will?

Learn new things

As you go on holiday, you will learn new things about different places, cultures and traditions. What you learn may be of benefit to you back at the office or it may add up to your general knowledge.

Work with no play will definitely make you a dull person. You stand to gain a lot in terms of your career and health when you go on vacations. For that sole reason do not overlook your holidays. Park up your bags, travel and explore the world.

Now you have a reason to go on holiday and enjoy yourself. Check out Maralent’ Adventures and make your reservations to your destinations on choice.